City of Fort Lupton 
 City Council Agenda 
Regular Meeting 
7:00 p.m.
130 South McKinley Avenue




Pledge of Allegiance


Call to Order - Roll Call


Persons to Address Council

This portion of the Agenda is provided to allow members of the audience to present comments to the City Council.  The City Council may not respond to your comments this evening, rather they may take your comments and suggestions under advisement or your question may be directed to the appropriate staff member for follow-up.  Please limit the time of your comments to five (5) minutes - Mayor Stieber 

Approval of Agenda


Review of Accounts Payables


02052018 Accounts Payable


Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and vote.  There will be no separate discussion of Consent Agenda items unless a Councilmember so requests, in which case the item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered at the end of the Consent Agenda. 

Second Reading Ordinance 2018-1026, Amending Specific Provisions for Town Hall Meetings


AM 2018-019 Approving a Resolution Appointing Penny Ranking to the Historic Preservation Board for a Term to Expire November 21, 2019


AM 2018-020 Approve a Resolution Ratifying the Mayor's Appointment of Bob McWilliams by the Mayor for a Three Year Term to the Planning Commission as an Alternate Member Beginning February 5, 2018 and Ending February 5, 2021


AM 2018-021 Approve a Resolution Ratifying the Appointment of Michelle Bettger to the


AM 2018-024 Reconstitution of Boards of Directors for Cottonwood Greens Metropolitan District Nos. 2-4


AM 2018-025 Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Clerk and Recorder for Weld County to Install a Mail Ballot Drop-Off Box to be Located at the Fort Lupton Recreation Center at 203 South Harrison Avenue


AM 2018-026 Ratify the Mayor's Signature on an Agreement with Land 5 Investments LLC to Deposit Dirt on Land 5 Investment LLC's Property


AM 2018-027 Resolution to Dedicate Transmission Line Easement to Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. Across City Owned Property at Water Treatment Plant


AM 2018-029 Approving a Resolution 2018Rxxx Ratifying the Mayor's Appointment of Craig Gibbs to the Culture, Parks and Recreation and Museum Advisory Committee for a Term Beginning February 5, 2018 and Ending December 31, 2019


AM 2018-030 Approve an Agreement Between the Town of Lochbuie and the City of Fort Lupton Regarding the Use of the Fort Lupton Recreation Center for Lochbuie Residents Being Subsidized by the Town of Lochbuie for the difference Between Resident and Non Resident Rates for Admissions or passes, including a $1,000 Administration Fee


Public Hearing


AM 2018-023 Approve a Resolution Approving McAda Drilling Fluids, Inc.'s Special Use Permit for Fluids Storage and Tank Containment at 12757 County Road 8


Action Memorandum


AM 2018-022 Approve a Resolution Accepting an Annexation Petition for the Brannan Pit 28 Annexation Submitted by Brannan Sand and Gravel Company, LLC and to Set a Public Hearing Date for April 2, 2018


AM 2018-028 Approval of 2018 Windy Gap Assessment for an Amount Not to Exceed $21,418 to be Allocated from the Utility Fund


AM 2018-031 Agreement with Tallent Company to Provide Marketing, Strategic Planning and Public Relation Services for the City of Fort Lupton


Information Memorandum


IM 2018-002 CIRSA Timothy Green Endowment Fund


Staff Reports


Mayor/Council Reports


Future City Events


02052018 Upcoming Events