Code Enforcement

The city’s code enforcement officer(s), working from the Fort Lupton Planning & Building Department, patrol the city regularly looking for violations of the city’s code. In addition to complaints received by phone or by walk-in citizens at our location at 130 South McKinley Avenue, some complaints are anonymous.

The code enforcement officer(s) will investigate all complaints and enforce codes once complaints are deemed valid. On validating a complaint, be it a code or parking complaint, the officer will typically issue either a Notice of Violation or a Parking Citation to the occupant and / or owner of the property or vehicle. Most of the time, the problem exists simply because the owner is unaware of the provisions of the code.

Summons & Citations
For code violations, the violator is normally given a period of time to correct the problem, usually seven days. However; this is at the officer’s discretion, and the violator may be issued a citation immediately if the situation dictates immediate action to be necessary. If the problem is not resolved, the officer may issue a summons for the violator to appear in Municipal Court for an arraignment. For a parking citation, the fines are specified on the ticket, and the violator can pay the fine to the city, or request a hearing with the court.

Court Appearance
The desired result of code enforcement is voluntary compliance with the code. While a court appearance is in no one’s best interest, the Code Enforcement Officer will not be reluctant to pursue court cases. For those cases referred to court, penalties can include up to $1,000 in fines, up to 90 days in jail, or useful community service. Any combination of the above can be imposed for each day a violation exists. In addition, the judge can order the city to abate the problem at the expense of the property owner, and add an administrative fee to the actual cost of clean up.

To contact Code Enforcement directly you can call 720-466-6108.