Municipal Elections

City of Fort Lupton's regular municipal elections are held every two years on the first Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years for the purpose of voting on the city's elected officials.  All City of Fort Lupton municipal elections are non-partisan, that is, people are elected to office without consideration of political affiliation.  Every qualified elctor shall be eligible to hold any office to be filled by a municipal election, provided that he/she has resided in the city for a period of at least twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election and is otherwise eligible to hold municipal office pursuant to law.  The City of Fort Lupton municipal elections are held the first Tuesday in November of odd numbered years.

The City of Fort Lupton elected offices include a Mayor who is elected by all voters in the city and two council members from each of the city's three wards elected by people residing within the respective ward.  Each term of office is four years, beginning on the date of the first regular council meeting following the election.  People may serve three consecutive four-year terms.  Only a portion of the offices are voted on at each election, thereby staggering the terms.  

Elections may also be held at other times.  Ballot issues, those which relate to financial matters such as taxes or debt, can be voted on at regular municipal elections in odd-numbered years or special elections in even-numbered years, known as the state-wide general elections.  Non-financial matters may be voted on in November of both odd and even numbered years in accordance with time frames set out in state statute and the Fort Lupton Municipal Code.  Finally, a Special Election may be held on dates other than those set out above in accordance with state statute.  

Register to Vote

To register to vote in the City of Fort Lupton, you must be a United States citizen, 18 years of age by the day of the election, and a resident of the city for thirty (30) days.