Public Works

The functions of the Public Works Department include:
  • Constructing, repairing and maintaining of roads, streets, trails, parks, drainage facilities, and other city facilities and structures.
  • Coordinating city operations and construction projects with federal, state, county, and other outside agencies.
  • Maintaining, repairing, cleaning, and renovating city buildings, except for recreational facilities and structures.
  • Maintaining and repairing of city rolling stock and public works equipment.
  • Managing any wastewater distribution infrastructure, including sewer mains and service lines.
  • Managing any water distribution infrastructure, including water mains, fire hydrants and service lines.
  • Preparing, administering, and implementing emergency preparedness response plans pertaining to utilities, buildings, and infrastructures.
  • Reviewing of community and subdivision development to assure compliance with city ordinances and regulations.
  • Surveying to establish boundaries of city property and review of surveying performed by city consultants.